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Hello Again,
I've just tried to download MilViz F-100D to FSX using Windows 10.  During the download the dialog box "DLL.XML not found. A manual search and update is recommended."  I nevertheless proceeded with the download.  Certain items in the cockpit did not work.  Uninstalled, then re-installed and got the same dialog box and result, except that different items did not work.  What is DLL.XML and where can I find it?
The F-100 is a payware program.  The files that have installed allow it to fly beautifully and the external stuff works fine.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Again many thanks.

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This is to say thanks.  The PMDG document you recommended solved the problem perfectly.  Everything works as advertised.  Best regards.

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I'm very pleased that it worked for you.
Thank you very much for posting this, it will help others.


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