RFN Carrier Gauge Problem in P3Dv4 repost

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I posted two messages in the P3D Forum under the title “RFN Carrier Gauge Problem in P3Dv4 without any feedback so far. I am reposting my messages in this Forum and I wait and see.
 Post 1:
I installed Sylvain Parouty's RFN carrier gauge into P3Dv4/Windows10 without any problem. Everything seemed to be fine BUT I have the problem mentioned by Sylvain in chapter 4.4 of his manual: The double arrow of the NG box doesn't work! As a consequence the VOR/DME/ILS frequencies of any carrier are inop.
I tried Sylvain's recommendations to solve the problem without success. I also disabled or uninstalled programs (McAfee, Addon Manager, Couatl, SODE, RAAS etc.) which might interfere with the function of the gauge without solving the problem. I also sent an e-mail to Sylvain but didn't get an answer (yet).
I can't believe that I am the only one with this problem.
Is somebody out there to help me?
BTW my AICarriers program works just fine.

Post 2:
I see that a few people reading my post without leaving a feedback.
So let me elaborate my problem a bit.
I try to find out, whether one of my programs creates a conflict with Parouty's gauge or whether his present version of his gauge is simply incompatible with P3Dv4. 
According to his manual the gauge should be compatible with at least an earlier versions of P3D.
To narrow down my problem I would like to hear from somebody who has the same problem and particularly from somebody who has a working copy of the gauge in P3Dv4.
Your response would be greatly appreciated.

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I should have closed my post long ago after I realised that my "problem" was specific to my favorite, Dino Cattaneo's T-45. I had no problem with the RFN carrier gauge with multiple other planes.
Stupid me, the T-45 has no [Vcockpit01] entry, adding the three RFN gauges to {Vcockpit02] solved my "problem".
I apologize for the confusion!

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Glad you found the answer, I had no ideas.


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