X Plane 11 Combat Mode!

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So I was just looking around in X Plane when I found an "Allow Combat" button in the settings for the A.I. Well being the kind of person that never backs down from a challenge I just had to have a go.

So I loaded up an F14 and took it for a spin hoping to spot some A.I. traffic I could blow out of the sky, perhaps a Cessna or even ..... A JUMBO!!! that would be so funny and I could record it for a Youtube video.

Well the inevitable happened and I went down in flames (the A.I. traffic switches to F14's in combat mode but no-one told me they would be firing back!)

Oh well thinks I, that was fun but I think I'll take a Cessna up now and have a jolly around TNCM (Princess Julianna international). Thankfully I forgot to turn "combat mode" off. I say thankfully because I also neglected to turn the video recording off and what happened next was ..... well take a look for yourself!

Watch Video on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed this and stay s&l


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😁Very cool!


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It's just dawned on me that I was calling my plane an F14 in my original post when it is actually an F4 Phantom.
I get confused easily these days..... or that's my excuse anyway. I blame my age Smile

Keep s&l,


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