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Hi, I have recently installed the Boeing 727-100/200/ADV Mega Pack for FSX: Steam edition. The download page mentions that the Bucket Reverse Thrust is not included on all the variations but with 'a little tweaking' you can enable them. Unfortunately, the mod does not provide any further instructions on how to do this. do you guys know at least whereabouts I should look to enable the reverse thrust? Thank you.

link to mod page:

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It's great to see your interest in enhancing the Boeing 727-100/200/ADV Mega Pack for FSX: Steam Edition. Your query about activating the Bucket Reverse Thrust, a feature not initially available in all variants of this pack, has a straightforward yet effective solution.

Here's how to enable the Bucket Reverse Thrust:

  1. Locate the Aircraft Configuration File: Navigate to the folder of the Boeing 727 variant you wish to modify. This folder contains an essential file named 'aircraft.cfg.'
  2. Edit the Aircraft Configuration: Open the 'aircraft.cfg' file using a text editor like Notepad. Here, you'll find various sections, each starting with [fltsim.x], where 'x' is a number.
  3. Modify the Title: In the section corresponding to the repaint you wish to adjust, append 'BLDR' to the end of the title line. For example:

    title=Boeing 727-200 American Airlines EFLP_BLDR

This 'hack' tricks the simulator into displaying the Bucket Reverse Thrust for that particular aircraft variant.

Additional Notes:

  • Compatibility: While this solution is specific to FSX, the principles might be similar for other platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and X-Plane 12. However, always check compatibility and the specifics of the aircraft model in question.
  • Back-Up: Always make a backup of the original 'aircraft.cfg' file before making any changes. This ensures you can revert to the default settings if needed.

Final Thoughts:
The joy of flight simulators like FSX lies in the community's ability to adapt and enhance the experience. By tweaking files like 'aircraft.cfg,' we can personalize our simulation to better match real-world operations or simply add an element of fun. Your keen interest in diving into such details reflects the passion that makes the flight simulation community so vibrant.

Should you have any further questions or need more detailed guidance, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help each other soar to new heights in our virtual skies!

Safe flights and happy landings!

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