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I see a lot of visitors here at McCarron. Here's my favorite aircraft that I've seen come in here:

Airbus A340-Philipene Airlines
Antonov AN-225-??
Air Force One
Bombardier Challenger 600
Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic
Boeing 727-200 Champion Airlines
Boeing 727-200 Sun Country
Boeing 727 Pan Am (The Original. Not the one that flies on the East Coast.)
Boeing 757-200 National Airlines
Boeing 737-300 Hooters Airlines
Boeing 737-200 Sierra Pacific

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All that fly in to KRNO are 737-400+, MD-80's CRJ's A-330 cargo and 757's. The Air National Guard is here so we get various fighters on visiting, various cargo planes, c-5's C-121 etc. and my favorite the C-130. My favorite plane we've ever had was a PAN AM 727 and Air Force ONE. My favorite military plane that has stopped were when the USAF Thunderbirds were staying there for the Air Races.

Yeah they were LOUD!!!! Whistle

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There is a Dornier Fairchild which is owned by Scot-airways. It is a daily regular in and out of Dundee (EGPN). Apart from that there is only ever the occasional business jet or helicopter beside the flying club aircraft.

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