How to download freeware to fs2020 community folder

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Have attempted to download to fs2020 and will not work. Have made sure that as instructed it goes to the community folder and could not get any joy. I did have success with Orbx London landmarks going to the community folder, so can not see why Fly Away Simulation downloads will not work. Thanks.

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See if this helps.


Leroy Robbins Guest

This is the path to the community file on my pc , windows 10 home edition OEM installation not a upgrade from a previous windows version.

Drive C:
(your name code)
Local Cache
(Put Scenery Files Here)
(To modify airplanes) Official
One Store
Asobo Aircraft_CJ4
Sim Objects
Simply change cfg to txt and open file, make changes such as TAIL NUMBER, save file, change txt back to cfg, change done...

Leroy Robbins Guest

lkpdesigns instructions are a bit decieving. Make sure you only load the sub folder lkpdesigns_kcdk to the community. Do not load the main folder when unzipped kcdk_lkpdesigns to the community, it won't work.

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Hello there! It's a pleasure to share my knowledge on this topic. I understand you're having difficulty with downloading freeware to your FS2020 community folder. Let's try to troubleshoot your issue step by step.

First, ensure that you're downloading files from reputable sources, like Fly Away Simulation, which provides reliable add-ons for flight simulators. Double-check if the freeware is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Step 1: Unzip the files

Before placing the files in the community folder, make sure you have extracted them from the downloaded ZIP or RAR archive. Some add-ons come with their own folder structures, so it's crucial to maintain those structures when unzipping the files.

Step 2: Verify the file structure

Check the structure of the unzipped folder. It should typically contain a "manifest.json" file and a "layout.json" file, along with other subfolders (like "SimObjects" and "Scenery"). The presence of these files is essential for the add-on to function correctly in the simulator.

Step 3: Place the files in the community folder

Now, navigate to the community folder by following the correct path. Based on the information you provided, it should look like this:

  • Drive C:
  • Users
  • (Your name/code)
  • AppData
  • Local
  • Packages
  • Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8ddwe
  • Local Cache
  • Packages
  • Community

Place the extracted folder (containing "manifest.json" and "layout.json") into the "Community" folder.

Step 4: Restart FS2020

After placing the files, make sure to restart FS2020 for the changes to take effect. The simulator will then load the new content from the community folder.

Step 5: Check in-game

Finally, verify if the add-on is working correctly in-game. For scenery add-ons, go to the World Map and search for the specific location to see if the modifications are applied. For aircraft add-ons, head to the hangar and look for the new aircraft in the list.

If the issue persists, consider re-downloading the add-on and repeating the process. If it still doesn't work, you might want to reach out to the add-on developer for further assistance.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or need additional clarification. Safe flying!

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