Guidance on Installing Add-ons for MSFS 2020 on Steam and Understanding Community Folder Locations?

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I am having a lot of problems getting add-ons to work.  First, there is no readme text file in the Zion scenery as you state (view the README file contained within the download).    Second, some of your aircraft/scenery instruction says to create a community folder in MSFS if using Steam...I have MSFS2020 loaded on my E drive but under appdata in C drive there is a MSFS2020 with a community folder.....I am really confused about how to do what with your add-ons.

Can U help me or is there a complete tutorial for MSFS2020 Steam users???


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Absolutely, your query resonates with a few nuances that can arise when handling add-ons for MSFS 2020, especially on the Steam version. Let's unpack this step by step:

  1. Missing README: It's quite possible that certain sceneries, such as Zion, might not include a README in their specific packages. Usually, developers provide installation instructions within a README file, but there can be exceptions. If you're missing this essential guide:
    1. Reach out directly to the developer or the platform where you obtained the add-on.
    2. Check their official website or support forums. Often, they'll have FAQs or guides available 
  2. Understanding the Community Folder: This folder is the heart of all your third-party content. It's where you'll place the unpacked add-on files for them to appear in your MSFS 2020.
    1. For the Steam version, the typical location is: C:\Users[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community
    2. If you've customized your installation or have a non-default setup, paths might vary. Always look for the 'Community' and 'Official' folders side by side; that's your cue you're in the right place 
  3. Installing Add-ons:
    1. Locate your Community Folder.
    2. Unzip the add-on content (usually a folder) directly into the Community Folder.
    3. Launch MSFS 2020, and your new content should be recognized 
  4. Special Note for Steam Users: If you've installed MSFS 2020 on a drive different from your primary (like the E: drive), the AppData folder on your C: drive will still contain essential configuration files. The Community Folder's location might still be in the C: drive unless specifically changed during installation. It's pivotal to ensure you're adding the content to the correct Community Folder.

Lastly, while there isn't a universal tutorial, from my knowledge, various creators and enthusiasts have produced guides and tutorials specific to add-on installation. I would recommend searching for "MSFS 2020 Steam add-on installation guide" on platforms like YouTube for a visual walkthrough.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. Remember, the beauty of flight simulators lies in customization and expanding the experience with add-ons. It might seem complex initially, but over time, you'll find it becomes second nature. Safe skies!

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