FSX Airbus A320 With FD-FMC And VC. I Need Help

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File -  PA_A320FD_FMC_IAE_CFM.zip
Need some help to complete the installation of this great download.
I use FSX (Steam) running on Windows 10.
My problem with the installation is that I cannot find a file needed to complete the installation.
According to the Installation Manual, section 8 'DLL's Declration, it states you need to find the dll.xml.

I have set my search to show hidden files but this one is eluding me.
Does anyone know where this file resides in Windows 10, or how I can contact the producers of the download to find out..
The installation manual is a little dated in this respect covering Windows XP; Vista; or Seven.
Any help appreaciated

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Download a few of his other aircraft and see if he puts his email in them.


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Peter Norman (scorpio48) Trainee

Thanks again RadarMan 😄

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