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i recently purchased a dell gaming computer and downloaded flight sim x gold edition. the program starts correctly except when I try the flymode a black screen comes up with the white pointer and thats it.  no screen comes up that shows instuments, just ablack screen with the music in the background.  i already ran all the required computer updates.   HELP.  worked fine om my old computer

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I have this issue as well and from what I've been able to find out after some research is it's likely due to your AMD graphics cards or the Adrenaline 2020 software that comes with it.  There are a couple of possible fixes to try.  First try disabling Radeon Enhanced Sync in the Adrenaline software's graphics settings.  If that doesn't work than your only other options are to either play in windowed mode or enabling the Direct X 10 Preview option in settings.

The first option didn't work for me but has for others.  The later two options did work for me.  I don't care for playing in windowed mode often personally cause it distracts from the immersion to much but there is software you can download for free that allows you to shrink down the size of the Windows  title bar at the top of the screen so it's not so distracting.  Or if you prefer the Direct X 10 method, there's software called  Steve's DX10 Fixer which fixes many of the issues related to running FSX in DX10 mode.  It only cost's $11.99 so it's well worth it.  This is what I used to allow me to play FSX in DX10 mode without having so many graphics bugs.

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I am having a problem with flight simulator X.
After downloading everything works fine.
But once I turn it off I cannot reload.
The launch icon is a blank page.
So I bought flight simulator deluxe edition.
This same thing happens I cannot play it again.
I would have to uninstall, then reinstall to play the game.
I also have the gold edition with acceleration  same thing happens
Cannot start the game.  Comes up blank page.
I would much rather fly a plane and watch a movie.
I am running windows 10 8 GB of ram 1 TB hard drive.

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