Cant get msfs to activate

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I purchased the DVD version. It took three hours to load. But I can't get it to activate. Do I need to do a reinstall?
Help, please!  I have all the previous versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator, so I am not new to the hobby.
Thanks in advance, Edmeister2.

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Hello Edmeister2,

First off, thanks for reaching out. I know how troublesome it can be when you're all set to soar the skies but are left grounded due to tech issues. Let's navigate through this together.

To kick things off, let's understand the activation process. When you buy the DVD version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020, it comes with a unique activation code, a crucial element for validating your copy of the game.

  1. Have you inputted this activation code yet? It's usually located in the DVD box. Be cautious of potential confusions between characters that look alike (such as "O" and "0", or "I" and "1").
  2. Make sure you input the code in the right place - the activation window that appears post-installation. If you've been trying to input it elsewhere, that could be the source of the issue.
  3. Is your Internet connection stable? You need an active connection for the activation process, to verify your code with Microsoft's servers.

If you've gone through these points, but still find yourself unable to activate MSFS 2020, it could be due to a couple of other issues.

Firewalls or Anti-Virus Software: Sometimes, firewalls or anti-virus software can interfere with the activation process. You could try temporarily disabling these (but remember to re-enable them once done).

Regional Restrictions: Some software sold as DVD versions are region-locked. Ensure that your copy doesn't have such restrictions which might be preventing activation.

Microsoft Account: MSFS 2020 requires you to sign in to a Microsoft account. Make sure you're signed in, and your account is in good standing.

Instead of reinstalling right away, I would suggest contacting Microsoft Support first, providing them with the details of your situation. They may be able to provide a solution without the need for reinstallation. Their support link is:

I hope these steps will help you take off into the virtual skies soon. As a fellow flight sim enthusiast, I understand your eagerness to explore what MSFS 2020 has to offer.

From my knowledge, these steps should steer you in the right direction. But technology can sometimes have unexpected roadblocks, so do keep us updated on your progress, and we're here to help if you need more guidance.

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