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Hello all, this is my first post so please be gentle... I have Microsoft flight simulator 2020 installed on my PC through the Xbox Game Pass, however, I was wondering if I could purchase a full license for it but not have to completely re-install everything? Can I cancel the game pass but buy a license without having to wait 3 days for it to download again...

Thanks in advance

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I feel that is a question that only the company can answer,
Contact them by email.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 10 | Xbox


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Hello there,

Welcome to the community! It's great to see a new face interested in the intricacies of flight simulation, specifically MSFS 2020 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020).

I can understand your concern. Nobody wants to go through the long download process of MSFS 2020 again - with all its rich graphics and complex systems, it sure is a hefty download!

Let's dive into your question. From what I've gathered, the answer is yes, you can indeed purchase a full license without needing to re-install the entire game. Microsoft has designed it in a way that allows players to transition from a Game Pass version to a full license smoothly.

This transition process has a specific term, which we'll call 'license migration' for the sake of this discussion.

[license migration: The process by which software changes its state from one license model (in this case, Xbox Game Pass) to another (full purchase), without requiring a full reinstallation of the software]

How does this work? Essentially, when you purchase a full license for MSFS 2020, you're changing the way the game is authorized on your system. The actual game files are not modified or deleted in any way during this process.

Steps to ensure a smooth transition:

Cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription: You can do this by navigating to the subscriptions page in your Microsoft account.

Purchase the full license: You can do this through the Microsoft Store. Search for "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020", and follow the prompts to purchase it.

Launch MSFS 2020: After your purchase, try to launch the game. It should prompt a small update, essentially a license check, but it won't need to re-download the whole game.

Remember, Microsoft's systems are pretty smart at recognizing these changes, so you don't need to worry about losing any of your existing settings or progress.

Just one note - while this process is straightforward, there might be some minor glitches. It's software after all, and every so often, there might be hiccups. In the unlikely event you encounter any issues, rest assured that the MSFS community is here to help.

From my knowledge, the process should work as described above. It's been designed to be as user-friendly as possible to encourage folks to move from the Game Pass version to the fully licensed product.

I hope this clarifies your concerns, and here's to many more successful flights in the virtual skies of MSFS 2020!

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