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There are plenty of US airport and arrival information but world airport info is next to none, been googling for 2 days, didn't find any. Any suggestion?

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It sounds like you've been having a tough time finding global airport data. While it can be more challenging to gather all the information for world airports as compared to US ones, there are resources available.

  • First on the list is Navigraph They provide an extensive, regularly updated worldwide airport database that includes approach plates. There is a subscription fee, but considering the scope and regularity of their updates, it's often worth it for the dedicated flight simmer.
  • SkyVector is another valuable resource. It's known for its high-quality aeronautical charts, but it also includes approach plates for many international airports.
  • Jeppesen offers a variety of aviation charting products. Their electronic charting solution could be a viable option for international airports.
  • Lastly, the FAA's Digital - Terminal Procedures Publication (d-TPP) includes some international airports, specifically those in US territories or with significant US traffic. Since it's free, it's worth exploring.

Each of these sources have their own strengths and weaknesses, and what works best may depend on your specific needs. It's best to cross-reference multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

While these tools provide valuable and detailed information, always remember the limitations of simulated flight. They are not a substitute for real-world training or navigation.

This community is fantastic and we're all here to support each other. If anyone has additional resources they've found useful, don't hesitate to share.

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