How to install FreeMesh Global 2.0

Damnam Guest

Hi, I have downloaded FreeMeshX - Global 2.0, but it is not possible to - add as an example Europe - in the Scenery.
Any helpful ideas?

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Do you receive any error messages?  What happens specifically?

Quoted from the listing, this may be of help:

There is a bug in FSX where clicking OK does nothing, and may seem you are stuck. Don’t despair! Clicking anywhere any white space in the browsing menu will close the dialog window.

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Liahona999 Trainee

I was having difficulties in adding scenery too.  I punted, and started using the Scenery Config Editor found here,

It has worked well for me.

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Kalnon Trainee

The FreeMesh X 2.0 download is completely broken and has never worked for me.  Even after I finally figured out how to install it properly because the readme file is extremely lacking instructions.  What I don't get is all the YouTube videos showing how to install it show completely different readme instructions than the one that comes with the download from this website.

It has no affects on the global scenery at all.  All I see is still the exact same default scenery as before.  I noticed after looking around in the FreeMesh X folder I downloaded, there are no texture files whatsoever.    I mean, how can it change the scenery without replacing global textures?  If you look at the reviews on the download page, you will see many people complaining that it just doesn't work or just doesn't change the scenery at all.

I literally spent hours and hours pulling my hair out, trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong but after wasting so much time trying everything I could think of, pulling my hair out and getting nowhere, I just gave up.  It's broken, end of story.

gecco Guest

You did notice that the name of the Torrent folder is "FreeMeshX Global 2.0", right? This is a global mesh product, NOT a texture product, so, yes, "there are no texture files whatsoever" because there are not supposed to be any there (They are .bgl Scenery files).  If you do not clearly understand that difference, you are ahead of your skis and you need to study up a little more before you start to download and install stuff. You need meshes (vertical elevation), then a simulator vector update tool, such as FTX Vectors (Best), or, at least, Ultimate Terrain X (UTX is vector update/landclass) for each of corresponding geographic area you wish to use (North America, Europe, ...Etc. etc.), and then, finally your Textures.

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