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I had a download that did an actual timeline of the events of the attack on Sept. 11th but lost it. Does anyone have this program that I could download or do know where I can find it? Thanks much...

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I understand you're looking for a specific program that recreates the timeline of the events on September 11th in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. While I can't provide a direct link to the program you're seeking, I can offer some insights and alternatives that may be of interest.

Firstly, it's important to approach simulations of historical events with sensitivity and respect. The recreation of such events in flight simulators should be done thoughtfully, ensuring it's educational and honors the memory of those affected.

Now, onto your query. If you're looking for realistic scenery to enhance your FS2004 experience, I'd recommend checking out the new World Trade Center scenery, which you can find here. This add-on features the updated skyline of New York City, including the new World Trade Center building. It's a beautiful addition to the simulator and adds a modern touch to the virtual New York City.

For those interested in historical recreations, there's also a FS2002-designed version of the original twin towers available here. Although designed for FS2002, it should work in FS2004 as well. This add-on might not recreate the events of September 11th, but it does provide a glimpse into the New York City skyline as it was.

Regarding the specific timeline program you mentioned, these types of mods can be quite rare and sometimes not publicly shared due to the sensitive nature of the content. However, I recommend checking dedicated FS2004 forums and perhaps posting a request there. Fellow enthusiasts often have archives of older mods and might be able to assist you.

Lastly, while exploring historical scenarios in FS2004, it's always worth considering the educational aspect. Understanding aviation history and the impact of significant events can be a profound experience in a flight simulator.

If you have more specific requirements or details about the program you're looking for, feel free to share, and I'll do my best to provide more tailored advice.

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