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is there a mod for fs2004 that lets u use fighter aircraft to shoot down other ppl

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I heard from several people that had placed a fighter craft in one of the older sims. It would shoot but there was no damage or affects.
Have not heard as much about FS2004.
But just get CFS, do all the shooting and bombing you want.
(Combat Flight Sim)

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Welcome to the show, Reilly. No modification for combat in FS2004. For Air combat, you want Combat Flight Simulator(CFS). There's three versions but the original CFS is old and has been replaced. There's CFS2 and CFS3. CFS2 is WWII Pacific and CFS3 is WWII Europe. For Jets. get Falcon 4.0 (F-16). Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX are civilian flight simulation programs. You can find military aircraft for download for FS 2004 but you won't be able to use the weapons and there are no combat missions. 🙂


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If any of you want effects for the following:
Plasma gun
50cal Machine gun
Bomb drop
Bomb drop + smoke
then post here.

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There's an interesting effect at Surclaro called Nukem. Once installed in effects folder and cfg file you drop the bomb and then when viewed from outside you see a bright flash and then a mushroom cloud (happy i know,not) but i had to try.

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I found an a/c with a bomb connected to smoke key

TU95MS zip


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