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Hi guys,

I am looking for a completely freeware scenery mod compatible with X-Plane 12 that will work globally - i.e. change the default scenery for the entire globe in one add-on/mod.

I know photoreal (or orthophoto) scenery exists but that's per scenery area - and there are loads of different addons to download. 

My question is, are there any mods or addons that would make a significant difference to the global scenery as a whole?  Something that works globally?

Thank you for the responses.


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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hi Peter,

Great question! Enhancing the global scenery in X-Plane 12 can dramatically improve your flying experience, offering much more realistic landscapes and immersive environments. Here's a detailed look at your options and some resources directly from our site that might help.

Firstly, while X-Plane 12 already includes fairly detailed default scenery, the addition of high-definition mesh and photorealistic textures can elevate your simulation to the next level. Since you're looking for a global solution, let's break down your options:

  1. Global Mesh Scenery Packs:
    • Our HD Mesh Scenery V4 is an excellent start. It enhances the terrain mesh detail globally, which is the foundation for all other scenery layers.
    • For even higher resolution, check out the UHD Mesh Scenery V4. This offers an ultra-high definition mesh that dramatically refines the physical terrain features.
  2. Photorealistic Scenery:
    • While global photorealistic scenery in a single package is currently rare due to the sheer size of such files, our site offers comprehensive guides and collections. Explore our photoreal scenery article here: Photorealistic Orthophoto Scenery. This guide covers many countries and can direct you to specific regional enhancements.
  3. Combining Scenery Packs:
    • To achieve a globally enhanced experience, you might consider combining both mesh and photorealistic textures. Start with a global mesh and then gradually add photoreal regions of particular interest to you.
  4. Other Resources:
    • Don't forget to check our entire scenery section for X-Plane 12 here: X-Plane Scenery Downloads. This section includes a variety of scenery mods that could complement your global enhancements.

Remember, while no single add-on currently transforms the entire globe with photorealistic detail due to data size constraints, using a combination of the above resources can significantly improve your global simulation scenery.

In Summary:
Combining high-definition mesh with selected photorealistic textures where available can provide a comprehensive enhancement to your global scenery in X-Plane 12. Start with our suggested global mesh and explore regional photoreal enhancements to tailor your experience.

Thanks for your question, and happy flying!


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