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I am using IObit software--both free and premium, in addition to Windows Defender. I have Advanced SystemCare (free), Smart Game Booster, Defragment tool, IOBit software updater. Recently, I uninstalled McAfee software from my system (I figured that was the only software actively eating up my RAM), but I am still having RAM issues and slow performance. In addition, FSX is still freezing.Is there anyone using IObit software? What are the challenges?

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 I strongly recommend that you immediately uninstall and delete any and all IOBit software. The software is all just mostly doesn't do anything to speed up your pc, in fact it will slow it down and the company that makes it is known to be very shady. It's mostly just eye candy that falsely leads you to believe it's making your pc better. Also Advanced SystemCare can be dangerous as it can completely brick your Windows installation if you're not careful. I work on pc's for a living and I've seen it happen. 

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