Troubleshooting MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe Performance and Stability Issues

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I have the Premium Deluxe version and it's a complete waste of money.
My computer has the full recommended requirements Some higher (IE: 24GB of RAM), and high, fiber-optic broadband, but the program still crashes.
Most of the aircraft are totally unstable, (That's when you can actually reach that point).
The delay between switching between Subject Areas is unbearable, taking up to three minutes. (Normally crashes at this point) 
I have had three flight simulators in the past including FSX (Which I may go back to)
I also have the 'Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System' so you can see I am a keen flight simulator enthusiast.
Microsoft should NOT have released this program until all these items had been fixed.
I have re-installed it twice, once from disk and once directly from Microsoft.
Any tips to get this running properly will be greatly appreciated.

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Firstly, I empathize with the frustration you're facing. I've seen a myriad of similar issues over my years of engaging with various simulators, and I understand how vexing it can be, especially when you've made an investment into the platform. Let's dive into some potential solutions:

1. Graphics Settings Adjustments:
While your system meets (and in some cases surpasses) the recommended requirements, it's worth noting that MSFS 2020 is incredibly detailed and graphically intense. Tweak the graphics settings, lowering some parameters, particularly the ones that tax the system the most.

  • Render Scaling: Adjust this slightly downwards to alleviate GPU stress.
  • Terrain Level of Detail (LOD): A primary performance influencer; experiment by reducing it.

2. Update Your Graphics Drivers:
It's imperative to keep GPU drivers updated, as newer versions often bring optimizations specifically designed for newer software.

3. Check for Software Conflicts:
Ensure no background applications are competing for resources. Some third-party software can cause unexpected conflicts, so try running the simulator with a minimal set of applications in the background.

4. Adjust Traffic Settings:
AI and real-world traffic can exert a surprising amount of pressure on your system. Temporarily decrease or disable these settings to observe any changes in performance.

5. Windows and MSFS 2020 Updates:
Always ensure both your Windows OS and MSFS 2020 are updated to their latest versions. Patches often resolve previously known bugs and performance issues.

6. Modify Sim Rate:
During gameplay, using the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, see if adjusting the sim rate gives any relief.

7. Flight Model Settings:
Switching the flight model to "Legacy" might improve the stability of the aircraft. Though it's a workaround, it may provide a more consistent experience.

8. Connectivity:
Your fiber-optic broadband should be more than sufficient. However, consider temporarily reducing the bandwidth allocated to MSFS 2020 in the data settings to see if it alleviates any latency or loading issues.

Finally, consider participating in MSFS forums and communities. They're treasure troves of information, often harboring user-generated fixes and workarounds. Though, from my knowledge, always be cautious and ensure any modifications or suggestions are sourced from trustworthy individuals or groups.

Here's hoping these suggestions provide some relief. Remember, as with all sims, the initial journey might have some turbulence, but once it's smooth, the experience is unparalleled. Safe virtual skies to you!

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