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I/ve been having and flying on FSX for probably around 7 Years. Created quite a few sceneries myself. But never really created a complete custom build Airport. Now at last desided to start something Big. I'm busy with the complete new rebuild of Wonderboom Airport under new management in South Africa. Halfway through and looks pretty good. Timely due to lots of hangers and buildings on the main base of the airport. Haven't mastered the lighting on Gmax and followed the only youtube tutorial few times now. Still some unexplanatory and misunderstanding there. 

Now I decided to try the possibility of bright spotlights on aprons and some areas. Hoping this will be easy for someone to explain how to make bright spotlights. Or where can I find Spotlight poles in scenery add ons.

Please help as a nice airport wont be good if buildings is dark at night. And how can I add a photo of my project here.

Thanks in advance

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