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Hello, folks. I'm not too certain how active this forum is currently, but I need some help.

I am attempting to download FreeMeshX as a paid member, however the in-broswer download continues to fail before completeing, and as a broswer download must complete all at once.

I have been trying things for days, even so far as to run an ethernet cable through my house, and verifying my 1gbps fiber connection is not dropping out and causing this issue by monitoring in real time for 2 hours yesterday until the download failed for the 5th time.

Are there any other download sources available for these files other than the browser download?

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I can't figure out how to delete my post, but I solved the issue. I was browsing elsewhere during the download and I like to keep few tabs open. Out of habit I was closing the Fly Away tab assuming the download would continue - it appears to in Firefox for some time.

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