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I am new to flight simulation and am considering purchase of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 but have been told you cannot just free fly withoud submitting a flight plan first. Is this correct . If it is I find this very strange and it is not a requirement in xplane11 or fsx. My plan is to get to know the aircraft first and then possibly progress on to more complicated facilities

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I also am new to MFS 2020, but in answer to your question, you have only pick a departure airport to begin a flight in MFS 2020. Hope this helps...

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This is true. I'm just learning this new MSFS as well after 30+ years with all other FS programs as well as FX-11.

You only need to fill in a departure airport then, if you want to fill in the departure point at that chosen airfield enter it in the box below then fill out the rest of the settings ie time of day, weather etc and push the "Fly Now' button and wait ....... . . .then fly.

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