Can someone please update KSMO? I have FSX:SE so no SDK :(

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I fly out of KSMO and would like a more accurate airport experience to complement my training. Basically, in 2017 KSMO shortened the runway to 3500' by turning 750' on either side into a blast pad. They also moved the windsock to the north side of the runway :p
It's a super easy fix in Airport Design Editor (or the like). You just change the runway length to 3500' and add 750' of blastpad. I would do it but the Steam Edition doesn't come with the SDK so I can't figure out how to compile my edits.
Can someone with the SDK please do this and upload it to FAS? WOuld be VERY much appreciated as KSMO is a popular airport that's outdated in FSX!
Thank you!

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