make an EA-6A electric Intruder.


I am a 69 year old man who worked on the A-6A,E/Tram, EA-6A and EA-6B Prowler in the Marines in the early 70s.
 ! have downloaded the Intruder and the Prowler with pride because of my early association these aircraft. Can someone modify the A-6E intruder and add the (footboot) from the EA-6B vertical tail to make and EA-6A, I did a repaint for the sqd I was in in 1973. VMCJ-2 Playboys at Cherry Point. by the way the sqd also had the RF-4B phantom.
 I know that others would like it to tkanks, the org A-6 was made by ( ito )

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Victory103 Guest

The Razbam payware series included the early EA-6A that you are looking for in their A-6 for FSX, should be pretty cheap .

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