When loading, is there a way to make FSX start at the Save

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I've been trying to make either the MilViz F-4E or the SWS F-4B start from a saved point.  Both airplanes start holding on the runway in position ready for takeoff.  Except they're not.  A number of switches must be positioned to drop the flaps, turn off all the warning lights, etc., to make the airplane genuinely ready for takeoff.  I have tried pressing the semi-colon (Wink to save at the point where it is fully configured.  I then exit the flight and upon return "Load" the properly configured flight.  All is well except on re-loading the flight I have just configured loads as if I had not re-configured anything.  All the warning lights are on, the flaps are up, etc.  It's as if I had done nothing to change the configuration, switch positions, etc.  The same problemn exists if I have taken off before pressing the save semi-colon.  Then "loading" will cause the flight to pick up exactly where I had pressed the semi-colon (airborne), but with the same incorrect starting configuration .  I'M STUMPED.  Any help will be gretly appreciated.  Thank you.

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