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It may be due to my advanced age, I am 77, however as a retired psychologist I have always felt somewhat intelligent, but there are some aspects of the FS9 map  that seem to elude me:

1) How does one make the center line stretch from an airport from a runway?
2) How does one make the line from an airport to where ever your airplane is?
3) I have tried to follow the steps given by Jonathon for an ILS approach and landing, and even did it once, since however, I seem to be having trouble.  I tried using the procedures for landing at Auckland Int airport in New Zealand and keep crashing.  Not sure what I am doing wrong, I set my altitude at 2800 feet, keep my speed well below 180 kts, use NAV, but I keep over shooting the runway.  

Maybe I should just quit.  LOL

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Just wanted to let the group know that I discovered what I was doing wrong, I think.  I use the auto pilot to guide the airplane into position more in line with the runway, however I was forgetting to set the auto pilot back to NAV from HEADING.   😀

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