X-Plane 11 add-on scenery Australia very slow.

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Download started very fast, should have taken 5 hrs for the 70gb file.
6 hrs later the download got to 80kb/sec very slow 43.28gb already downloaded of the 70 odd gb file.
After ontacting my internet provider and checking internet outages, I was assured provider is all good. 
So - my Q. is why so slow now, download indicates 4 days to go. ????

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A slow download for PRO isn't normal so let's try to fix this for you.

Where are you located?  Are you on WiFi or Ethernet?  Where are you located?  What operating system and web browser are you using to download?

We will get to the bottom of this with the hope of resolving it for you.

Anthony Waszkiewicz Guest

My location is Sydney Australia
Downloaded on Mac Air M1 2021 brand new.
Safari Web browser.
It finally finished downloading but it took 24hrs.
At the moment I downloaded scenes and meshes from Fly Away also very slow. All PC laptop settings ok etc. 

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