Ortho4XP v1.3.0 - for Mac user.

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I am new to X-Plane. Using a new Mac Air 2021 os PC - and need help in finding a reliable link to download 
"Ortho4xp 1.3.0"  to use on my Mac.
The least I can find is Ver. 1.2.0  which is very confusing for me to understand with all the editing of different command lines.
I have downloaded "Ortho4XP 130" version onto my old PC which is an old Microsoft Windows OS,
and can understand how to use the program, but I can't run X-Plane 11 on it.
If there is a link for - Ortho4XP 130 - for a Mac OS - I would appreciate some help
as I cannot find one.
Thanks kindly 
Anthony Waszkiewicz

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Hello Anthony,

Firstly, welcome to the fascinating world of X-Plane! I'm glad you've decided to venture into the depth of flight simulation, and you're in the right place for assistance.

Understanding Ortho4XP:
Before I guide you on the specific version you're seeking, let me take a moment to shed some light on Ortho4XP. For those who might stumble upon this thread and need clarity: Ortho4XP is a powerful tool that allows users to generate photorealistic sceneries for X-Plane (and to an extent, other platforms). Essentially, it takes satellite imagery and overlays it onto the simulator, making the experience significantly more realistic.

Versions & Compatibility:
Now, regarding your particular situation with the Mac Air 2021. I understand the frustration in trying to find a reliable link for Ortho4XP V1.3.0 for Mac, especially when version 1.2.0 seems prevalent. A thing to note is that different versions might have nuances in their installation processes and functionalities. It's great that you're familiar with the Windows version of the software, as the core functionalities will remain consistent across platforms.

Finding Ortho4XP V1.3.0 for Mac:
From my knowledge, there have been instances where specific versions for the Mac were harder to find due to distribution limitations or the initial target audience. Here are some steps you can consider:

  • Official Channels: Always start with the official Ortho4XP repository or website. They usually provide links to the latest and past versions, ensuring safe and reliable downloads.
  • Community Repositories: There are flight sim communities and developers who maintain their versions or copies of software, optimized for specific systems. It's worth looking into these, but always ensure you're downloading from reputable sources.
  • Compatibility Mode: If you're still facing difficulty finding the Mac version, consider using tools like Wine or Parallels Desktop. They allow you to run Windows applications on a Mac. Though this might seem a bit roundabout, it's an alternative if you're comfortable with the Windows version.

Further Assistance:
If all else fails, or if you're hesitant about a specific source, don't hesitate to drop another message here. The community is always eager to help, and someone might have a direct link or can guide you better.

Lastly, for those venturing into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or X-Plane 12, keep in mind that while the core principle of ortho scenery remains the same, the tools and methods might differ. Always refer to platform-specific guides or forums for detailed instructions.

I hope this aids in your journey into the realm of flight simming on your new Mac. Safe virtual skies!

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