Ortho4XP v1.3.0 - for Mac user.

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I am new to X-Plane. Using a new Mac Air 2021 os PC - and need help in finding a reliable link to download 
"Ortho4xp 1.3.0"  to use on my Mac.
The least I can find is Ver. 1.2.0  which is very confusing for me to understand with all the editing of different command lines.
I have downloaded "Ortho4XP 130" version onto my old PC which is a old Microsoft Windows OS,
and can understand how to use the program, but I can't run X-Plane 11 on it.
If there is a link for - Ortho4XP 130 - for a Mac OS - i would appreciate some help
as I cannot find one.
Thanks kindly 
Anthony Waszkiewicz

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