Spain Scenery UHD v2 Not Showing - X Plane 11

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Ian Durston (IanDurston) Trainee

I have Spain scenery UHD v2 installed in X Plane 11. The folders are in the correct order in the scenery_packs.ini file but the scenery does not show in X Plane. I have tried changing the file order to the top of the list, so while not the correct position the scenery should show as there is nothing overwriting it - but the scenery still does not show. All the other photoreal scenery I have works OK, ie Orbx UK, California, Washington and part of the Alps.

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Ian Durston (IanDurston) Trainee

There are obviously issues with Spain HD but there appears to be no help from Fly Away available. Ia there a way to get help?

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str33 Trainee

Hi ! i have similar problem with other scenery dowloaded here. You mention other working for you. Could you post here the exact order of your scenery pack.ini ?

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