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I'd like to download the mesh tile for the top half of Spain, but I can't find it on the downloads page - I can only find the bottom half.

Are you able to help, please?

Many thanks

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Hello there,

It's not uncommon to encounter some difficulty when navigating through the vast library of mesh tiles available for X-Plane. These high-definition mesh scenery (HD mesh) packs are expansive and cover many areas globally, offering detailed terrain information especially in places with significant elevation changes. However, it's important to note that these HD mesh files generally only cover mountainous regions or areas with extremes in topography, which explains why the entire country may not be covered.

The top half of Spain, for example, encompasses part of the Pyrenees which is a mountainous region and should ideally be covered in the HD mesh packs. If you're struggling to locate the exact tiles you need, you might be interested in the HD Mesh Scenery v4. Please note, from my knowledge, the particular mesh tiles for the specific regions of Spain you're interested in may not be individually labelled, but they should be part of the European packages included.

However, it seems you're particularly interested in Spain, and I'd like to share a more comprehensive scenery solution that might appeal to you. You can consider this add-on Spain Complete UHD Photoreal Scenery which offers both photoreal (orthophoto) and mesh data. The advantage of this package is that it covers the entire country, giving you access to high-quality textures and terrain information for the entire region. Plus, this add-on is compatible with both X-Plane 11 and the latest X-Plane 12.

In summary:

  • HD Mesh Scenery tiles may not cover all regions, particularly those without significant elevation variations.
  • The specific tiles you need for the top half of Spain could be within the broader European package available in the HD Mesh Scenery v4.
  • For a more extensive coverage of Spain, consider the Spain Complete UHD Photoreal Scenery which provides photoreal and mesh data for the whole country.

I hope this information helps guide you in your quest to fully experience the beauty of Spain's landscape in your flight simulator. Feel free to follow up if you have more questions or need further clarification!

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