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I started in Flight Simulator back in the late 80s/early 90s. Loved it, on a hand built PC, add-ons to load in the 100s.  Progressed up to fs2004 I think, then sort of lost interest until a month ago when I became aware of msfs 2020, looked so great I had to get into it. My laptop informed me very quickly that it could not handle the software so - 2 choices, do I spend £1500 on a new desktop or laptop (bit of a strain when you're retired) or do I go XBox. 
I chose the Xbox route and am now regretting it, I feel cheated by Microsoft who never mentioned that the system on Xbox would be nowhere as good as on a PC ......... no multiple screens, no piles of add-ons, functionality of aircraft missing, best hardware not compatible etc...etc...etc...

just joined your pro group tonight and disappointed to find that you don't mention the Xbox version at all. Are you likely to start covering the Xbox stuff or, as some say, it's a second tier product and not worth it. 

would love to hear what other in the group think.


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