Looking for info on suggested total setup to run FSX ??

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I am currently running FSX on my Dell8910 Win 10 16GB ram Intel I76700cpu@3.40GHZ Nvidia GTX 750.

This was not purchased for a gaming computer but its old not used sitting around so I installed FSX just to start flying the sym.  Now I want to get more serious about it!  My main complaint about this setup is your flying into say KMIA and your looking for the airport from a distance I think you should see the airport or runway lights seems you have to get ontop of it to realize its KMIA. You see the pixelization of the airport but certainly not clear, when you ontop of the runway landing then it clears up?  I'm new to FSX so maybe this is the best it gets.
Now I have not tired to trick it or do the best setup numbers so maybe that is all it is.  I want to buy a new setup just for FSX and possibly FS2020. So what is the trick to get the visual to look like a real picture and not a pixel glob??? Processor,RAM,Monitor with card, Nvidia card,or probably all the above.  If someone could tell me a setup what they have like Dell, Alien, HP  or a setup of all items first without any TWEAKING I would appreciate it..
I can look online forever but if I don't know what one thing makes the beat graphics and what I'm lacking its a mute point.  Thanks First looking just to run the FSX and then those on MS2020 what do I really need to run that proogram.  Thanks Sterk03

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