newbee ?? about Global Express A/C

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I downloaded and installed the plane from Bluesteelfs site . Got it to show when FS9 loaded but there were no instrmts. copied everything over to where it should be but no go... any ideas???? thanks DJ

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Give us the zip and a link to the site and we'll try it out.
What could have happened.
1-You didn't put the gauges into the main gauge folder.
2-You did put them in but didn't remove them from their folder
3-You did put them in but one was zipped and you did or didn't unzip it, following the read-me.
4-You should have left the gauges in the aircraft folder.
5-It's not a 2004 aircraft.
6-The designers screwed up and their is a fix out there.


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I downloaded this a/c before I went off for Xmas and very quickly deleted it.
I found that some of the textures were a bit untidy? - eg port wing in one of the liveries was blank etc etc
There are a lot of txt files which are a bit confusing.
gexnotes.txt 'IMPORTANT: If these lines [/color[color=#444444]](you have to guess what lines they are referring to) are not in your panel file, you must add them because some gauges will not be visible at night if the color is a different shade or luminosity... This script is currently in the Panel.cfg file, but if for any reason you access this file with CFG_Edit, it will delete this data. etc'
It would appear that the panel.cfg file requires editing which might be beyond some Fsimmers

'Readme_notes,txt file All the files will automatically be saved to your MS FS2002 default location. (This despite the fact that is quite clearly labelled for 2004 ). Probably a typo but another indication that the author's have maybe put the a/c up for download before it is really ready.
Like I say I just deleted it.[/i]

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