Displaying City and Landmark Names in Land View

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How do I add city names to FSX-SE in a land view?

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You've inquired about how to add city names in FSX-SE's land view, a feature that can significantly enhance your simulation experience by increasing geographical awareness. This modification involves editing the FSX configuration file (cfg). A previous discussion on a similar topic mentioned the insertion of a specific line in the FSX cfg, with the ability to toggle the feature on and off using the key combination Control+Shift+P. While the exact line isn't mentioned, exploring the cfg file for related parameters could be a start. Remember to backup your cfg file before making any changes.

Additionally, there are third-party solutions to consider. FSDiscover is a payware product that not only displays city names but also labels other geographic features such as mountains, lakes, parks, landmarks, and bridges in both FSX and FS9. Another option is xpoi, a recent addition to the market, which offers similar functionalities. These tools provide a more comprehensive and interactive way to display geographic information during your flights.

For airport names specifically, FSDeveloper's Wiki on Key Mapping for FSX offers insights into key combinations that can be used to display airport names. However, be aware that some key combinations may conflict with those in FSX Acceleration's native key mapping, as highlighted in an FSInsider article.

In summary, enhancing FSX-SE with geographic awareness involves either editing the cfg file or using third-party tools like FSDiscover or xpoi. Each option has its unique advantages, and your choice will depend on the depth of information you desire and whether you're open to using payware solutions.

If you need further clarification or have other queries, feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to assist you.

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