Mouse cannot move cockpit controls, just show blue highlight

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Mouse cannot move or select cockpit controls, just show a blue highlight when the mouse hovers over the item.

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Hi Rick,

I understand your predicament, and I'm here to help. It seems you are experiencing an issue with interacting with cockpit controls in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 release). Based on your description, it appears that the simulator registers your mouse hover but doesn't allow you to manipulate the controls. Let's dive into some possible solutions.

  1. Lock/Unlock mode: First and foremost, it's essential to ensure you're in the correct interaction mode. The MSFS 2020 has two interaction modes - Locked and Unlocked. In Locked mode, you can't manipulate cockpit controls directly. To switch between modes, press Left Alt + Left Mouse Button. This action toggles the interaction mode and should allow you to manipulate controls with the mouse.
  2. Update your simulator: Make sure your simulator is up-to-date, as some older versions might contain bugs that affect mouse interactions. You can check for updates in the Microsoft Store or Steam, depending on where you purchased the simulator.
  3. Mouse settings: Verify your mouse settings in the simulator. Go to Options > Controls > Mouse and ensure that the settings align with your preferences. In particular, double-check that the Primary Button is set to Left Button.
  4. Graphics settings: Sometimes, high graphics settings can cause input lag or issues with mouse interactions. To rule out this possibility, go to Options > General > Graphics and try reducing the graphics settings to see if the problem persists.
  5. Check for conflicts: It's possible that other software or hardware on your system is conflicting with the simulator. Temporarily disable any non-essential software or peripherals and check if the issue persists.

If none of these solutions work, you might consider reaching out to the official MSFS 2020 support forum ( or contacting the support team directly for further assistance.

I hope this information helps, and you're back in the virtual skies soon!

R Aiken Guest

Everything was workiong fine until I moved and set up the flight sim again.  Now, the mouse will hi-lite the controls on any aircraft.  Can anyone tell me what the proper mouse control settings should be?  I use a Bravo Yoke and Bravo Throttle, plus Logitech Radio and Switch Panel.

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