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Is the FreeMesh USA LOD 12 an improvement on P3Dv5 default scenery. Thankyou

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Hi there,

It's always great to see fellow simmers looking for ways to improve their flight simulation experience. To address your question regarding FreeMesh USA LOD 12 and whether it's an improvement over the default scenery in P3Dv5, allow me to provide some insights.

FreeMesh USA LOD 12 is a mesh scenery add-on that enhances the terrain elevation data for the United States within your simulator. LOD 12 (Level of Detail 12) is a term used to define the resolution of the mesh data, with higher LOD values indicating more detailed and accurate terrain representation. In comparison, the default mesh scenery in P3Dv5 has a lower LOD, typically ranging from LOD 9 to LOD 11 depending on the area.

As a result, installing FreeMesh USA LOD 12 can lead to the following improvements in your P3Dv5 environment:

  • Increased terrain accuracy and detail
  • More realistic representation of mountain ranges, valleys, and other landforms
  • Improved compatibility with other scenery add-ons (e.g., airports, landmarks) that rely on accurate terrain elevation data

However, it's essential to consider the potential trade-offs when using a higher LOD mesh add-on:

  • Increased demand on system resources, which could lead to reduced performance on some systems
  • Possible conflicts with other terrain add-ons or scenery packages that modify the same area (although this can often be resolved by adjusting scenery library priorities)

In summary, FreeMesh USA LOD 12 can indeed provide a noticeable improvement over the default P3Dv5 scenery, particularly in terms of terrain accuracy and detail. However, it's essential to evaluate the potential performance impact on your system and ensure compatibility with other add-ons you might be using.

I hope this helps you decide whether to give FreeMesh USA LOD 12 a try. If you do, I hope you enjoy the enhanced terrain in your P3Dv5 adventures!

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