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Good morning
I have a question : can someone help me how intercept the localizer in an airport afcad built ? 
Thanks at all

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Hello Andrea,

It's always great to see fellow flight simulation enthusiasts working on custom scenery and airport designs. I understand you're looking for assistance with setting up an ILS (Instrument Landing System) localizer in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (MSFS2004) for your custom AFCAD airport. I'd be happy to help!

To intercept the localizer for an ILS approach in your custom airport, you'll need to follow these steps:

Create or Modify your AFCAD file:
You'll need an AFCAD file for your custom airport. You can create a new one or modify an existing file using an AFCAD editor like AFCAD 2.21 by Lee Swordy, available at various flight sim websites (just search for it).

Add or Edit the ILS:
Open your AFCAD file in the AFCAD editor and find the runway you want to add the ILS to. Right-click on the runway and select "Add ILS" or "Edit ILS" if it already has one.

Configure the Localizer:
In the ILS properties window, you can set the following parameters:

  • Frequency: Choose a frequency for the localizer (108.10 - 111.95 MHz).
  • Identifier: Enter a unique identifier for the localizer (e.g., "IABC").
  • Heading: Set the runway heading (magnetic) for the localizer.

Adjust the Glideslope:
You can also configure the glideslope properties for the ILS in the same window. The standard glideslope angle is 3 degrees, but you can adjust it to suit your specific airport requirements.

Save and Compile your AFCAD:
After setting up the ILS, save your AFCAD file and compile it. Then, place the compiled .bgl file in your MSFS2004 Addon Scenery folder.

Test the ILS:
Load up MSFS2004 and spawn at your custom airport. Tune your NAV radio to the localizer frequency you've set, and use your aircraft's navigation equipment (e.g., HSI, CDI, or PFD) to intercept the localizer and glideslope.

Remember that when you intercept the localizer, it's crucial to maintain the correct course and altitude according to your approach chart. This will ensure a smooth and accurate transition from the en-route phase to the final approach.

I hope this helps you with setting up the ILS localizer for your custom airport in MSFS2004. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck with your project, and happy flying!

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