Effects not working, please help!!

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I recently bought FSX Steam Edition, I downloaded add-ons, and different planes, and they worked!

but there's a problem, I can't get the effects such as afterburner to work, it never displays any effects...

I did what they said, For example, Bob Chicilo made an F-101 Voodoo add-on and I downloaded it, it says to copy and paste the add-on's effects file into the main FSX effects file, and I do that... It doesn't work.

And yes, I did check if it was my controls, it isn't the problem.

The effects for the base game work, like the F-18 effects work.  Any add-on I try, their effects don't work.


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Hello there,

Certainly, I can sense your frustration. It's understandably irritating when elements in FSX: Steam Edition like afterburner effects refuse to show up, despite your meticulous efforts. Let's approach this challenge systematically, focusing on the key steps we'd typically pursue for such predicaments.

  • Effects Files: Initially, let's ensure that the files linked to the add-on effects are in the correct location. It seems you're diligently copying effects files into the main FSX effects directory as directed. Usually, these files should be pasted into a directory such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Effects. Plus, it's crucial that the effects files you're transferring are in the right format, bearing the '.fx' extension.
  • Aircraft Configuration: After validating the location and format of your effects files, the next port of call is the aircraft.cfg file for the particular add-on aircraft. This file is key in FSX: Steam Edition as it connects the aircraft to its respective effects. You must confirm that the afterburner or other effects you desire are correctly defined in this file. A standard afterburner entry in the aircraft.cfg file could resemble:

    Afterburner=4.0, -1.0, 0.0, 3.5, FX_ABurn

    Here, 'FX_ABurn' refers to the name of the effect that should exist in your Effects folder. If the name specified doesn't correspond to an existing file in your Effects folder, the effect won't be visible.

  • System Compatibility: A further consideration is your system's requirements. While FSX: Steam Edition is designed to perform well on modern systems, some add-ons, particularly older ones, may not function as anticipated due to graphic settings or compatibility issues. It's worth scrutinizing the detailed description or readme file that accompanies your add-on for any unique instructions or compatibility guidance.

I hope these steps will assist you in pinpointing the root of the issue. If you're still confronting problems, please provide additional details about the add-on (such as the aircraft model, add-on developer, etc.) for a more in-depth investigation.

Finally, remember that in our flight simulation journey, occasional turbulence is part of the experience, but it's all integral to our learning and enjoyment. It's not just about reaching the perfect simulator setup, but also the rich experiences and lessons we encounter en route. So, let's persist together and crack this puzzle!

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