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Hello everyone, I have two questions that I can't find an answer regarding my MSFS 2020 on Xbox series S:

In all previous versions of Microsoft FS (the last was FSX), it was always possible to vary the simulation speed to "shorten" the boring sections (speed 2x 4x, etc. ) and you could review the replay of the last 60 seconds (or more or less at your choicer) of your flight/landing, to examine over other prospective your ability.

On MSFS 2020 it would seem known that the replay function has no longer been implemented but as regards the variation of the speed of the simulation, even scrolling through the list of functions enabled by default, it would seem to be possible using the R key on the keyboard and the + keys and - to increase or decrease it but, in the practical test, I can't activate this mode.

Have you experienced it? Do you have any news on the two issues?

Thanks and good flight everyone!

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Your inquiry regarding the simulation speed (the ability to increase or decrease the time rate of the simulation) and playback function (the capacity to review segments of a flight) in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 on Xbox Series S is quite intriguing, and I appreciate your patience in seeking an expert answer. Let's break down your concerns:

  • 1. Simulation Speed (Key R): From my knowledge, the ability to vary simulation speed was indeed a feature in prior Microsoft Flight Simulators like FSX. However, with MSFS 2020, especially on Xbox, this function seems to be unavailable. In the PC version, using the 'R' key and '+' or '-' keys might still allow for some alterations, but it's a known issue that the function is limited or non-responsive in many cases. The Xbox platform doesn't provide an equivalent control, hence the problem you are experiencing.
  • 2. Playback Function: Sadly, as you've mentioned, the replay function has been removed from MSFS 2020. This feature allowed reviewing the last 60 seconds or more of your flight or landing from different perspectives. This is a limitation that has affected both the PC and Xbox versions of the platform. While there is no official solution at the moment, keep an eye on future updates or third-party tools developed specifically for the platform. Microsoft tends to evolve its products based on community feedback, so there's always a chance that these features could be reintroduced or enhanced in the future.

Note: While the answer mainly applies to MSFS 2020, the discussed features and their limitations are unique to this version and may not directly apply to other platforms like X-Plane 12.

I hope this information brings some clarity to your questions. I, too, miss the flexibility of the older versions at times, and I can understand your curiosity about these functions. Keep exploring the virtual skies, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more queries!

Thanks, and happy flying!

P.S. The community often shares workarounds and innovative solutions, so feel free to engage with others. You might find someone who has found a clever way to overcome these limitations!

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