Syncing MD302's Barometric Data with PFD in Lancair Legacy RG

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Is there a way to configure the MD302--Standby Attitude Module--to sync to the barometric data in the PFD? By default, the MD302 opens with Baro=29.92, and altitude=3630 ft, even if the PFD shows the correct altitude as 0. If I manually set the MD302 altitude to 0 with its control knob, the baro=26.00, and the O2 masks pop on at alt=7200 instead of the default 11000 ft. The MD302 shows the config baro sync as off, and it's greyed out so adjustments here are not possible.

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From your description, it sounds like you're dealing with an issue related to the integration of the MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM) with the Primary Flight Display (PFD) within the Lancair Legacy RG on X-Plane 12.

Understanding the MD302 and PFD:
To clarify for others who might come across this thread, the MD302, or the Standby Attitude Module (SAM), acts as a backup or standby instrument displaying critical flight attitude data to the pilot. The PFD, on the other hand, is the primary instrument display, and ideally, data like barometric pressure should be consistent between the PFD and SAM for obvious safety and operational reasons.

Potential Solutions:

  • Firstly, always ensure that your simulator and aircraft modules are up-to-date. Developers often release patches to address such discrepancies.
  • If you're comfortable editing aircraft configuration files, you can try navigating to the specific aircraft's configuration within the X-Plane directory. However, exercise caution and always keep a backup of the original file before making changes.
  • Another potential method is to consult the X-Plane Developer Documentation. They provide in-depth guidance on customizing various aircraft instruments and might have the specifics you need to tweak the MD302 settings.

Addressing the Barometric Sync:
Regarding the barometric sync being greyed out, it could either be a feature not enabled for the Lancair Legacy RG or an issue with the current MD302 integration within the aircraft's software.

From my knowledge, there are some aircraft where certain functionalities are locked to keep the experience closer to the real aircraft's capabilities. However, it can be quite vexing when it affects the simulator's realism and consistency.

Seeking Further Clarifications:
Could you specify if you're using any third-party plugins or modifications that might influence the behavior of aircraft instruments? Sometimes, third-party plugins can override default behaviors.

Lastly, I'd advise reaching out to the developers or the community surrounding that specific aircraft model. Often, communities have dedicated members who might've experienced similar issues and found workarounds.

I hope this sheds some light on the issue. If you can provide more specifics or details on any additional plugins or modifications you're using, I might be able to guide you further. Safe flying!

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Thanks for your quick and detailed reply. I edited the config file after making a backup, and found     "baro_sync" : false,". I changed that value to true, saved it, started X-Plane, and the problem persisted. When I quit X-plane and looked again at the config file, it was reset to false. I did reach out to Aerobask, but have yet to get a reply. The only plugins I'm running are PluginAdmin, Little Xpconnect, SkunkCrafts Updater (SASL), and Legacy_RG (SASL). I'm told I have the latest update on the aircraft. I guess I'll await a response from Aerobask. Again, thanks.

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