VR View Drifting Left in Microsoft Flight Simulator with Reverb G2 and RTX 3080TI - Seeking Solutions

Michael Kitt Guest

I have tried installing everything again and am beginning to think the headset has a fault.
I fitted a new cable and updated the Nvidia driver.
It happens on all aircraft.
press and reset pilot view and after a few seconds, my view moves left till I am outside the aircraft and gradually wanders all over.
I have given up for now and going to try the Tobii 5 eye tracker.
PC has 32 GB of RAM and a Ryzen 9 processor. Have had the problem for 4 months n.

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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I completely understand the frustration that can arise when technical glitches like these come into play. From your description, it does sound quite perplexing, especially given your system's robust specifications. Let's see if we can dive into this.

1. Reverb G2 Calibration: Firstly, ensure that your HP Reverb G2 has been correctly calibrated. Sometimes, the internal sensors can lose their reference and cause unusual behavior.

2. Environmental Factors: Reflective surfaces or bright lighting in your room can confuse VR headsets. Ensure that you're in a controlled environment free from such distractions.

3. USB Ports: It might sound minor, but the type of USB port can make a difference. Typically, USB 3.0 or 3.1 Gen2 ports provide the best stability for VR headsets. If you have multiple USB ports on your PC, try connecting your G2 to another one.

4. MSFS VR Settings: Within Microsoft Flight Simulator, head over to the VR settings and check if there are any specific settings that might be causing the drift. Resetting to default might be a worthwhile test.

5. External Software: Are you running any other software alongside MSFS that might interfere with the VR experience? Some utilities or trackers could be conflicting.

6. Driver Clean Install: You mentioned updating the Nvidia driver. Sometimes a 'clean' install can be beneficial. Uninstall the current driver, reboot, then install the latest driver.

7. Firmware Update: If available, ensure your Reverb G2 has the latest firmware. Manufacturers release updates that can address issues like these.

8. Windows Mixed Reality Portal: Before launching MSFS, ensure that your tracking in the Windows Mixed Reality Portal is stable. If the drift happens here, it's likely a headset or software issue related to the portal rather than MSFS.

9. Contact Manufacturer: If the drift persists and seems isolated to the Reverb G2 (since you mentioned it was okay with Rift S), consider reaching out directly to HP's support.

Now, you mentioned considering the Tobii 5 eye tracker. That's a different beast altogether. Eye tracking can enhance immersion, but remember it's a complementary tool rather than a replacement for VR.

Lastly, it's always worth keeping an eye (pun intended!) on the official MSFS forums for any similar experiences or solutions other users might have shared.

I genuinely hope one of these suggestions can help you resolve the issue. Don't let the tech woes get you down; remember the incredible experiences that await once it's sorted. Safe virtual flying!

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