Optimizing Manual Flight Techniques in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Without App Assistance

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How do I make a clean flight without help from the app?

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I see you're keen on experiencing a flight that relies solely on your skills, without any app guidance in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It's a commendable pursuit! Let's delve into some steps and considerations.

1. Understand the Basics of Flight
Before diving into the simulator, ensure you have a foundational grasp of flight dynamics (the study of aircrafts in flight and how they respond to control inputs and external forces) and aerodynamics (the way air moves around objects, especially aircrafts).

2. Choose the Right Aircraft
Starting with simpler aircraft like the Cessna 172 can ease your transition. It's more forgiving and will give you a better feel of flight dynamics.

3. Set Up Your Controls Properly
It's pivotal to have your controls – whether a joystick, yoke, or keyboard – set up in a manner that feels intuitive. This will allow for better control during your flights.

4. Familiarize with the Cockpit
Spend some time understanding the various gauges, controls, and instruments. This can be done by using the cockpit view and hovering over each instrument. The tooltip will provide information on its purpose.

5. Use the In-Simulator Tutorials
While you aim to fly without app assistance, the in-simulator tutorials can be immensely helpful in understanding flight mechanics. Once you're confident, you can then take off without any guidance.

6. Plan Your Flight
Before starting, decide on your route, check weather conditions, and ensure you're familiar with the takeoff and landing airports. Websites like SkyVector can be beneficial for this.

7. Practice
Like any skill, practice makes perfect. Regular flights, combined with varied weather conditions and destinations, will heighten your proficiency.

8. Seek Community Assistance
While you're refraining from app assistance, remember the flight simulation community is vast. There are numerous tutorials, guides, and videos available that can offer insights and techniques. They can be great resources when you hit a stumbling block.

A Few Additional Tips:

  • Always keep an eye on your fuel levels.
  • Regularly monitor your altitude and speed.
  • Practice touch-and-go landings to improve your landing skills.
  • Always remember, every flight, even the ones with mistakes, is a learning experience.

If there are specific aspects or issues you're encountering, please provide more details. I'll be more than happy to offer further guidance based on the information you provide.

Clear skies and safe flying!

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