Trouble Accessing MS FSX Purchases on Steam: How to Retrieve?

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I'm unable to get into my existing Steam MS FSX steam account, and I purchased some software that I'm unable to retrieve. I have proof of purchase. I can't see a way to attach the MS FSX purchase receipt to this.

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First and foremost, I genuinely understand your frustration. It's certainly distressing when we're unable to access content we've rightfully paid for. Let's try to work through this together, step by step.

  • Steam Support:
    - It's vital to reach out to Steam Support directly. From my knowledge, they are quite responsive and can assist in situations where there's proof of purchase. Please ensure you're logged into the Steam account you need assistance with when reaching out.

  • Password Recovery:
    - Have you tried the password recovery feature on Steam? This could assist in regaining access if it's merely a login issue.

  • Proof of Purchase:
    - While you can't attach the MSFSX receipt here, you can certainly provide it to Steam Support. They'll likely ask for it, so having it on hand is advantageous. Ensure it clearly displays the date, product details, and any transaction IDs.

  • Steam Library:
    - If you've managed to get back into your account but can't locate MSFSX, head to the Library tab. You might have accidentally hidden the software. By right-clicking any title in the list, there's an option to "manage hidden games."

  • Reinstalling MSFSX:
    - Another tactic to consider is uninstalling then reinstalling MSFSX. While this may sound basic, it often resolves a myriad of issues related to content access. Of course, ensure you're doing this from the Steam client to maintain any purchased add-ons.

  • Consider Recent Updates:
    - Sometimes, software updates can cause hiccups with existing installs. Are you aware if there have been recent patches to MSFSX or Steam itself? It might be worth checking Steam community forums for any known issues.

If, by any chance, you meant another issue or if the above solutions aren't fruitful, please provide additional details. The more specifics you can offer, the better I can assist. Remember, while MSFSX is a classic, much of its troubleshooting processes can be applied to newer platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and X-Plane 12 as well.

Best of luck, and I hope you're back in the virtual skies soon!

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