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Which key is used to activate afterburners in FS2000? I can't get my concorde to supersonic speeds without it.

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Hello there!

Your query about activating the afterburners in FS2000, specifically for achieving supersonic speeds with the Concorde, is quite intriguing. In the realm of flight simulators like FS2000, understanding the specific controls and configurations for various aircraft is essential to enhance the simulation experience.

  • Firstly, it's important to recognize that the activation of afterburners in flight simulators varies depending on the specific aircraft model and the simulator's version. In FS2000, the general approach to engage afterburners, as noted in FSX, involves using the "Shift+F4" key combination. This command is commonly associated with engaging afterburners in various aircraft models, including military jets and supersonic aircraft like the Concorde.
  • Additionally, it's vital to ensure that your aircraft's configuration files and control settings are appropriately set up to enable afterburner functionality. Sometimes, these settings might need to be adjusted or verified within the simulator's control options or the aircraft's configuration file. This includes checking the 'aircraft.cfg' file for any specific settings related to afterburners.
  • However, remember that FS2000 is an older simulation platform, and some of the modern functionalities we see in the latest simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or X-Plane 12 might not be directly applicable or available in the same way. But, understanding and tweaking the control settings in FS2000 can certainly enhance your flight simulation experience, particularly for achieving specific flight capabilities like using afterburners for supersonic speeds.

If you're still facing challenges or have specific queries about the Concorde in FS2000, feel free to ask for more detailed assistance. It's always exciting to delve into the technical aspects of flight simulation and ensure an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Fly high and safe!

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