Post-Update Issues: Non-Responsive Autopilot, Avionics Screens, and Landing Gear

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Just got the new update. Had no problems downloading or installing it. Now..... everything is messed up. Can't use autopilot buttons on the dash with the mouse or with the bravo throttle. Avanioc screens are blank like no power. Can't bring up landing gear on any twin prob.....many many more problems!!!! Can't they reset it back to the last version until they fix this awful update? The game is unplayable.   Anybody else? Thx.

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Hello there,

I truly understand the frustration you're experiencing, especially after anticipating an update and then facing such issues. It's always disappointing when updates, which are supposed to enhance the simulation experience, seem to disrupt it. Let's try to troubleshoot some of your concerns.

1. Autopilot and Bravo Throttle
Sometimes after updates, controller profiles might get reset or conflict with new settings.

  • First, navigate to your controls settings and ensure that your Bravo Throttle assignments are as they should be.
  • Additionally, verify in-game if any new bindings have been introduced or if any of your existing bindings are now conflicting.

2. Avionic Screens - Power Issues
The blank avionics screens suggest a possible power issue.

  • Make sure to start your aircraft using the proper cold & dark start-up procedure. Oftentimes, bypassing or using shortcuts can lead to such anomalies.
  • Additionally, try a different aircraft to see if the problem persists across the board or is localized to a specific aircraft model.

3. Landing Gear
This is quite peculiar. Landing gear issues could be due to control bindings or game bugs.

  • Again, check your controller bindings. Ensure the gear toggle control is set correctly.
  • As a workaround, use the keyboard shortcut for gear toggling (typically 'G') to see if that functions as intended.

Now, regarding reverting back to a previous version, unfortunately, as of my knowledge, Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn't offer an in-built mechanism to do so. But here are some general troubleshooting steps you might consider:

4. General Steps:

  • Clear the game's cache.
  • Ensure your graphic drivers are updated. Sometimes new updates are optimized for newer driver versions.
  • Reboot the simulator after making changes to settings or controls.
  • As a last resort, consider reinstalling the simulator. Make sure to back up any custom content you've added.

Lastly, you're not alone. Whenever there's an update, some users face challenges while others sail smoothly. The community here is robust and collaborative. By sharing and discussing, we can often find solutions faster.

Hoping for a quick resolution to your issues. Happy flying once it's all sorted!

Best regards,
Ian Stephens

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