Optimizing Runway Terrain in X-Plane 12 with HD Scenery Packs

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Hi, I have downloaded hd scenery here. The problem of bumby / unrealistic runways for example LFSL ( Brive, France); still couldn't find a way to smoothen or flatten the runway. Is there a general cure for that problem in X-plane12?

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I understand you're facing challenges with bumpy and unrealistic runways in X-Plane 12, specifically at LFSL (Brive, France), even after downloading the HD Mesh Scenery V4. This is indeed a common concern among sim pilots, and I'd be happy to guide you through some potential solutions.

Firstly, it's essential to verify that the HD scenery pack is correctly installed. Incorrect installation can lead to terrain irregularities. Assuming you've installed it correctly, let's dive into potential fixes:

  1. Check for Conflicting Scenery Files: X-Plane prioritizes certain scenery files over others. Ensure there are no conflicting files in your Custom Scenery folder that might override your HD Mesh Scenery.
  2. Adjust Scenery Load Order: Within the 'scenery_packs.ini' file in your X-Plane directory, ensure that the HD Mesh Scenery lines are correctly ordered. Incorrect ordering can lead to display issues.
  3. Terrain Flattening Plugins: Several plugins allow for terrain adjustments. For instance, 'Runway Paving' can be a useful tool in this regard. However, be cautious as excessive use might lead to unrealistic flatness.
  4. Update Your Graphics Settings: Sometimes, the issue might stem from your graphics settings. Try tweaking them to see if there’s an improvement.
  5. Manual Editing: As a last resort, consider manually editing the terrain using tools like WorldEditor (WED). This requires a bit more technical know-how but can provide a more tailored solution.

I must also note that these suggestions are based on general practices and may vary depending on individual system configurations and X-Plane updates. If the problem persists, I would recommend reaching out to the X-Plane community for further insights.

Lastly, while these tips are tailored for X-Plane 12, they might be applicable to other platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, given the similarities in terrain rendering technology.

Hope this helps. Fly safe!

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