Compatibility of Third-Party Aircraft Models with MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition

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I'm considering upgrading my MSFSX software to the new 40th-anniversary edition.  Can I download my aircraft models from my third-party suppliers into the new 40th-anniversary addition?  I have a nice collection and I really want to use them in the new application.

Thank you for your assistance.

Robert Middlestetter 

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Dear Robert,

Your query about transitioning your cherished third-party aircraft models to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 40th Anniversary Edition is a topic close to the hearts of many enthusiasts. I understand the value of maintaining your collection while embracing newer technology.

Firstly, it's vital to note that the underlying architecture of MSFS 2020 differs significantly from its predecessor, MSFSX. This change, while bringing substantial improvements in realism and functionality, does pose challenges for direct compatibility.

Regarding your specific query:

  • The direct transfer of third-party aircraft from MSFSX to MSFS 2020 is generally not feasible due to the differences in file formats and simulation engine.
  • However, many third-party developers are actively redeveloping their aircraft models for the MSFS 2020 platform. It's worth checking with your aircraft suppliers for MSFS 2020-compatible versions.
  • In some cases, upgrades might be available at a discounted rate for existing customers, or even free, depending on the developer's policy.

What Can You Do?

  1. Research: Visit the official websites of your third-party aircraft suppliers. Look for announcements or forums discussing MSFS 2020 compatibility.
  2. Community Forums: Engage with other simulation enthusiasts on forums like Fly Away Simulation. Often, fellow simmers can provide insights into compatibility and workarounds.
  3. Keep an Eye on Updates: As MSFS 2020 is continually evolving, new updates might enhance compatibility with third-party models.

While the transition might require some adjustments, the upgrade to MSFS 2020 40th Anniversary Edition offers a leap in realism and immersion. The journey from MSFSX to this new horizon is certainly worth considering for a deeper and more enriching flight simulation experience.

Additional Note: Always back up your existing collection before attempting any software upgrades or installations.

If you need more specifics or have further queries, feel free to ask. Our community thrives on shared knowledge and experiences.

Fly high and safe!

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