Troubleshooting X-Plane 11: Parking Brake Release Issues in Cessna with FLYPFC Hardware

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I recently set up X-Plane 11 on a Windows 11 Pro system, integrating it with a FLYPFC C2 Professional Console and Rudder Pedals through a serial connection. All my controls seem to be configured correctly according to the software setup. However, I'm facing an issue where the push button designed to release the parking brake is unresponsive. Additionally, the usual keyboard shortcuts 'B' and 'V' for this function aren't working either. Could this be a bug in the software, or is there a setup step I might have missed? It's a frustrating situation as I've completed a full-sized cockpit build and am eager to start flying, but I'm stuck on the ground with the throttle unable to initiate any movement of the aircraft. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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I understand how annoying this must be, especially after setting up such an impressive cockpit. Let's try to troubleshoot this together!

First, it's important to confirm that the issue isn't with the hardware. Given that other controls are working fine, it seems like your setup recognizes the FLYPFC hardware, but let's isolate the problem:

  1. Ensure all connections are secure between your FLYPFC console and your PC. A loose connection might cause specific inputs not to register.
  2. Verify that your X-Plane 11 software is fully updated. Outdated software can sometimes lead to compatibility issues with hardware.
  3. Check if the FLYPFC drivers are up-to-date and properly installed. You might want to re-install them to ensure there aren’t any corrupted files.

If the above checks out, we can focus on the software and configuration settings:

  • Calibration: In X-Plane, go to Settings > Joystick & Equipment. Ensure the brake control is calibrated correctly.
  • Key Assignments: Double-check your keyboard mappings in X-Plane to ensure 'B' and 'V' are correctly assigned to toggle the parking brake.
  • Alternative Controls: Try assigning the brake toggle to a different key or button to diagnose if the issue is with specific inputs.

It’s also possible that there's an interference from other software. Ensure that no other programs are running that could override your X-Plane input settings, especially those that might manage hardware inputs like key mappers.

If you're still stuck, consider reaching out on the X-Plane support page or consult the X-Plane forums where many experienced simmers and tech enthusiasts offer their insights. They can provide detailed guidance specific to complex setups like yours.

Don’t lose hope! Once we pin down the cause, you’ll be up and flying in no time!

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