Dx12 beta not compatible with one piece of my own scenery

Brian Cavanagh Guest

I developed a set of hangars for a local airfield ascwell as a series of power plants that are in the local area.

These are non comercial  all work well while using dx11 but the hangars crash the sim  if they are in the community folder whilst using DX12 beta.

The crash happens on clicking the go fly button, it does not matter what airport i have chosen to fly from.

removing the hangars from the community folder fixes the issue. The power stations still work well.

im thinking that the hangar scenery has something different about them . One difference is that i placed a sign on the wall of one hangar. Im thinking that this might be causing the crash.  ( removing this sign is a bit of work i think its 3 years since i last done any scenery development and im very rusty.)

the hangars were developed using blender .  
has anyone else come accross similiar incombatabilities with DX12 ?
the sim and dx12 are upto date , window 10 upto date ,  the graphics card is a 4070 TI 12 gig and 32 gig of ram. Ryzen 7 5700x
thanks Brian

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