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Alan Critcher Guest

Hi, I have just obtained Lock On,perhaps I should have waited. On loading I either get a white screen with the options in green on the left,or I get the correct screen with all the options on but when I click on,foe instance,the fly straight away button I am returned to the opening screen. Just cant get by this at all. I run an AMD Duron 1100mhz,NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 64mb, Windows Me. Any suggestions from anyone would be helpful.

Alan Critcher

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Word is Lock On will not run on Me or 98 windows yet

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abaris Trainee

Well, the system is your problem. I've yet to meet anybody, who can run it on Win ME.

Is there any particular reason, you still rund ME instead of upgrading? It's supposed to be the moist unstable of all Billie products.

FatS. Guest

I've just installed "Lock-On" and unfortunately my firstb impressions AREN'T
so good.....

I had a couple of 'seizures' when pressing the FLY button.
(sems OK after juggling res' & Graphics Options NOW!)

The sound is pretty BAD (compared with most other F'Sims)

The Graphics would be good, except, can't turn 'em up far
because of jerky/poor frame-rate ! !

In all, I've just re-checked it agianst Falcon (best 'so far'?), and everything
in Falcon is more 'advanced' ??? including Graphics v Framerate

What do YOU reckon ??

[ps. the WHOLE thing is only an 'uprated' version of Flanker 2.5 anyhow !!
they've added 'proper' selection screens etc and pushed up the graphics
but still based on same 'engine']


BLew Guest

im running 98. i am dling the patch i found that says win 98 and me support greatly improved. i duno yet though -- give it a try.

harrythe hun Guest

🙄 I have just re-bought Lock On having returned it initially because it wouldn`t work.Having added the patch it now runs,however still likes to crash now and then. I know that this is a complicated game but why do these thing get released without proper trials. Having bought it and then finding that it won`t run on ME when it stated on the box that it would is just not on. I believe that the game was awaited eagerly and was far behind its release dates,why give people high expectations when nothing is forthcoming.Why not wait until it is properly ready before release? This doesn`t just apply to this particular game it happens all the time. Added to that of course we never have decent printed manuals these days.I for one would willingly pay some more for this.
Thats the end of my rant,now I look forward to trying to get to grips with Lock On,and await a staedy flow of patches.
Best wishes to you all.


Think you need a new Pc! 1100 Duron??? ge force 2??? suprised those specs will even run Win ME!

Olowe Guest

I had installed Lock on before. But I uninstalled this because I had another problem with the patch.
Now, I'm trying to install the program and when I'm configurating this installation, appears a windows and it show the "disk space requirements" and I can't continue with the installation. Of course, I pass the space requirements, and don't know what can I do...
Please, tell me any solutions for this problem!

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Voo Trainee

Actually i find lock on an ok moden day combat flight sim, its prolly the best around out of the recent stuff about. I do a regular co-op night with mates, its pretty fun.

The problem with Lock on is... its BUGGY as hell unfortunatly, which is a huge shame since this game had so much potential, if it was so buggy i think this game would be amazingly good, (it really needs a dedicated server program etc etc)

rossy Guest

i dont know if anyone is awre but the nvidia gforce 2mx graphics card isnt direct x 8.1 compatible, the problem your having is because your graphics card cannot cope with the graphics of the game, if you have a low end spec machine try throwing a geforce fx5500 card in it which isnt more than 60 pounds and put some more ram in ,that should do the trick....i run an amd athlon with 1025 ram, and the ram helps alot, you can buy ram quite cheap these days in slots of 256...512 or higher, i know someone who put one slot of 1024 in the pc and they where running an 1.2 athlon, it made on hell of a difference


Give it up as a bad job. This game is crap. Stick to IL2.


abaris wrote:

Well, the system is your problem. I've yet to meet anybody, who can run it on Win ME.

Is there any particular reason, you still rund ME instead of upgrading? It's supposed to be the moist unstable of all Billie products.

I have ME and it runs.

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