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Where can I find the approach charts in FS2002?

The hint is in the "Charts Folder" but I can't find that.

I did a full instal so that isn't the problem.

Any help appreciated.

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In fs2000, in the pilot's handbook that came with the software the charts start on pge 194. If you do not have the manual possible can pick up a similar one at a bookstore or order on line. In fs2002 did not get a manual with mine.


Where would you like approach charts for? I have recently out of date approach charts and en-route charts available from time to time that I sell on Ebay, for instance charts on ebay.

Generally have US approach charts in stock at £2.50 per book, each book covers a particular region, 24 books cover the US. Canadian also

Ferrycrew Guest

Whoops, didn't mean to post anon.

JimVT Guest

Thanks for the help.

Now I'm screaming at Gates for the Intel XP for Windows crap whereby you have to pay $15 to indeo ligos to be able to see an instruction video in FS2002.

What a load!

Any idea where one can get the codec for free?

united pilot Guest
united pilot Guest
Paiute66 Guest

Approach charts can be downloaded from the "" web site. Type in the airport identifier code --such as KORD" for O'Hare and select one of the charts from the list. You can save it or print it out. If you don't know the airport code you cans search entire states for the city with the airport you are looking for.

Glenn 😛

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